DOT at Hidden Door

Hidden Door 2016: DOT

DOT is a transitional space that plays with the boundaries of perception. It is created by artists Yulia Kovanova and Kenny Lam (both of Darkland Collective) in collaboration with sound artist Lars Koens as an atmospheric space somewhere between wakefulness and dreaming, as a compelling experience of the ‘uncanny'; of the familiar yet incongruous, a secret inadvertently revealed, somewhere before ‘nothing’ begins and everything is in a state of flux.

Circumpolar Installation


Circumpolar installation has been created for the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016 and is on show from 4th until 9th April 2016 at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI).

Autumn Sunrise

Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year

‘Autumn Sunrise’ by Kenny Lam has been awarded a Commended in the Urban category of Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year…

The End and the Beginning

Explore an immersive world of dark and light, shadow, sound and movement. THE END AND THE BEGINNING is an installation and performance of cinematic images interwoven with live interpretive dance and sound…

Birds in flight

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015: Embodied

We are delighted to be part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015 and ‘EMBODIED’ – a group exhibition of work produced in collaboration with the ECCI…

Forest Fates

Forest Fates

Inspired by what remains of the ancient Caledonian Blackwood Forest, three artists – Kelly de Wet, Yulia Kovanova and Coral Mallow examine the idea of the Forest as a being…