Darkland Collective is an experimental artist collective created by Scotland-based artists Yulia Kovanova and Kenny Lam. We take inspiration from nature and explore environmental themes. We are looking to create multi-sensory immersive experiences, aiming to capture and distill the essence in our work.

Recent Work

Circumpolar, April 2016

Installation by Yulia Kovanova as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2016 at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI)

Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year, Feb 2016

Kenny Lam awarded with a Commended.

Edinburgh Short Film Festival, November 2015

‘Line of Flight’ short film included into Festival’s 2015 international programme of short films.

Embassy Gallery, November 2015

‘Line of Flight’ short film screening. The film is created by Yulia Kovanova, with sound by an award-winning musician Lars Koens and camera by Kenny Lam.

Shadows Exhibition, September 2015

Exhibition followed Yulia Kovanova’s ‘Outlandia’ Residency at the foot of Ben Nevis in Scotland. The exhibition included video installation, sculptural installation with elements of live dance and sound in collaboration with Scotland-based choreographers Emma Snellgrove and Karol Sharek and an award-winning musician Pete Furniss.

Hidden Door Festival, May 2015

‘The End and the Beginning’, an installation and performance of cinematic images interwoven with live interpretive dance and sound. An explorative collaborative piece between artists, local dancers and musicians, each of the performances is a unique cinematic-silhouetted story.

Forest Fates, May 2015

Collaborative multimedia exhibition by Yulia Kovanova, Coral Malow and Kelly de Wett, which explored the Inspired by what remains of the ancient Caledonian Blackwood Forest, three artists – Yulia Kovanova, Coral Malow and Kelly de Wett – examine the idea of the Forest as a being.

 Edinburgh International Science Festival, April 2015

‘EMBODIED’ video installation and large-scale photographic print exploring bird life in Scotland and the affects our actions have on the environment. Yulia Kovanova and Kenny Lam.

I Want to Fly, February 2015

Video and sculptural installation at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

Visual Arts Scotland, February 2015

Photographic work by Kenny Lam